Customs Clearance


We carry out customs clearance of goods in Moscow and Novorossiysk. Our company will be able to deliver cargo from anywhere in the world and by any kind of transport, as we work with aviation, road, rail and sea cargo.
Upon delivery of goods:

  • by air transport , we make customs clearance at DME Domodedovo airport;
  • by sea transport , customs clearance is carried out in Novorossiysk (in the Novorossiysk Customs);
  • by road transport, customs clearance is carried out in Moscow region "Odintsovo customs post" of the Moscow Regional Customs;
  • Railway transport at the Vorsino station, Kuntsevo 2 or Khovrino station, we issue clearance at three customs posts (in the Moscow Regional and Moscow Customs).
Depending on the request, we use a variety optimal schemes for delivery and customs clearance. If necessary, we will act as a foreign trade agent , i.e. we will export from your company or import your cargo to your company (to your contract). We have extensive and regular experience with phytosanitary and veterinary cargo. We work with almost any character of the goods. We carry out the certification of goods, we obtain other permits (CGR, FSTEC, FSMTC, phytosanitary certificate for export and others) Our professional and long-term experience will help you to reduce - time and expenses for export and import operations.