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About Us

Welcome to MERIOS CARGO, your premier gateway to streamlined international trade throughout Kyrgyzstan and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Kyrgyzstan: A Central Hub for Global Trade
Nestled at the crossroads of major trade routes, Kyrgyzstan emerges as a pivotal nexus for international traders. The country’s strategic location makes it an indispensable stopover for re-exporting goods, linking businesses globally through its vibrant economic landscape.

Manas Airport: The Pulse of Our Booming Economy
At the heart of this trade facilitation is Manas Airport, a bustling hub of commerce renowned for its efficiency and capacity to handle a growing volume of goods. This vital airport serves as a cornerstone of our thriving economy, providing an expedited conduit for goods moving across continents.

Navigating Customs with Expertise
We understand that Kyrgyzstan’s robust customs framework presents a complex challenge to many traders. Our expertise lies in demystifying these rigorous customs regulations. MERIOS CARGO specializes in transforming what can be a formidable barrier into a streamlined process, enabling the unimpeded flow of your merchandise.

Specialized Support for High-Tech and Telecom Companies
MERIOS CARGO acts as a trade compliance partner for major high-tech and telecom companies. We help telecom and high-tech vendors facilitate the distribution of their IT equipment. Our tailored services ensure that the sophisticated products of our clients adhere to the latest compliance requirements, thereby enabling efficient market access and distribution.

IOR/EOR Services: Reliability You Can Trust
Our commitment to excellence is evident in our provision of top-tier Importer of Record and Exporter of Record services. With an unwavering focus on reliability and compliance, we ensure that your shipments are not just expedited but also adhere to all regulatory requirements, mitigating any potential risks.

Seamless Trade Transitions
With MERIOS CARGO, you are guaranteed a partner that values your peace of mind. We are dedicated to facilitating a seamless transition for your shipments through Kyrgyzstan and the CIS. Trust us to be the bedrock of your trading operations, where service excellence and client satisfaction are at the forefront of all we do.

Join us at MERIOS CARGO, where seamless trade is not just a promise—it’s our business.