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Export food from Russia

Navigate global trade with us. Expert in seamless exports from Russia, and Kyrgyzstan, we overcome payment rescrictions sanctions and offer VAT-free, direct manufacturer access for cost-effective, reliable international delivery.

At MERIOS CARGO LLC, we specialize in facilitating seamless export operations from Russia to destinations across the globe. Our expertise in navigating complex sanction conditions allows us to offer a comprehensive suite of export services that ensure your goods reach their international markets reliably, even under challenging circumstances such as export bans, payment acceptance issues, and buyer payment difficulties.

Why Choose MERIOS CARGO LLC for Your Export Needs?

Global Reach: Our extensive agents network covers many countries, including those in the USA, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East, ensuring your products can be re-exported to almost any destination worldwide, circumventing restrictions effectively.

VAT-Free Purchases: Acquire products without the added cost of VAT from the domestic market, allowing for more competitive pricing, which is crucial when the seller cannot accept SWIFT transaction in USD or EUR.

Direct Manufacturer Access: Purchase equipment, materials, foods, and other commodities directly from the manufacturer, ensuring quality and reducing intermediary costs, which is particularly beneficial when the buyer faces challenges in paying for goods..

Innovative Payment Solutions: We offer alternative payment arrangements to overcome obstacles related to payment bans, ensuring transactions can be completed without traditional payment methods.

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