We would like to introduce you our solution for consolidated Customs Clearance services in Russia.
This would be a great solution for your customers who make online shopping/ internet purchase and receive their goods via DHL, FEDEX, ARAMEX, TNT, DPD, UPS, HERMES and PARCELFORCE.
  The situation that your customers are facing in our days is that once the cargo arrives to one of the above courier company facilities in Russia, the recipient receives a note from them to come to the nearest customs office and receive the parcel. Actually it’s not that simple at all as a courier company often does not release the parcel but asks for shipping docs, factory price confirmation, applications and so on… Sometimes your customer cannot release the parcel by himself and he has no way but approach a broker company and suffer from additional undesirable costs. The situation is very unpleasant as your customers lose time and money and most likely will not be shopping online any more.
So, what’s the solution? 
We’ve been working on it for a long period of time and are finally ready to suggest to your local couriers’ companies ( DHL, FEDEX, ARAMEX, TNT, DPD, UPS, HERMES, PARCELFORCE) to ship the goods on our Company Name and we will perform customs clearance for your customers.

For for more information, please contact us by email.