Sea freight


Our company provides import and export container shipping by ships of ZIM, MSC, Maersk, Arkas, CMA-CGM, Admiral, Cosco, and Hapag-Lloyd lines in all areas, the main of which are delivery from Asia (China, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Israel, Turkey, India and Pakistan), North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt), Europe (Ukraine, Russia, Greece).
The company "MERIOS TRANS IMPEX" bears full financial and legal responsibility for the safety of the cargo, observance of all transportation rules and the legality of its transference. The most often port where we accept the goods: the Port of Novorossiysk.
1. * We carry out a full cycle organization of sea delivery:
2. * We organize a profitable route of cargo delivery and selection of the optimal scheme;
3. * supplying an empty container to the supplier for packing cargoes, door-to-door delivery»;
4. * Execution all necessary documents for transportation
5. * documentary support - preparation a multimodal bill of lading (single transport document for the entire transportation route), documents and FIATA forms.
The advantages of collaborating with us: the presence of direct contracts with international shipping lines represented in the Russian market, which makes it possible to offer our customers the most optimal routes and rates for sea transport. the large amount of cargoes allow us to get lower freight rates and demurrage conditions. In addition, the lines are not interested in working with individual recipients, but with the large shipping agents familiar with the operation of the line which located in the territorial vicinity and with the lines which have long-term and credit relations. The possibility of providing a range of services "from door to door" through the effective maritime transport integration in the cycle of the complex multimodal transportation The possibility of "rolling", i.e., delaying cargo at the transshipment ports, according to the client request, for example, in case of overstocking or the need for additional time for the collecting bankrolls and necessary documents for customs clearance.
The clients can regularly take information and round-the-clock monitoring of cargo in containers through the website
Main directions:

Route transit time, from
Rate, from
(SEA FREIGHT) Bangladesh: Chittagong - Novorossiysk 25 days
по запросу
Vietnam: Haiphong, Ho chi minh - Novorossiysk 40 days
по запросу Greece: Thessaloniki, Piraeus
14 days по запросу
Egypt: Port Said, Alexandria, Damietta - Novorossiysk
8 days по запросу
Iran: Bandar Abbas - Novorossiysk 20 days
по запросу
Jordan: Aqaba - Novorossiysk 8 days
по запросу Israel: Ashdod, Haifa - Novorossiysk
8 days по запросу
China: Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Xingang, Xiamen, Yantian - Novorossiysk
50 days по запросу India: Mundra, Bombay - Novorossiysk
22 days по запросу
Pakistan: Qasim, Karachi - Novorossiysk
20 days по запросу Tunisia: Tunisia, Sousse, Sfax, - Novorossiysk
23 days по запросу
Turkey: Mersin, Istanbul - Novorossiysk
12 days по запросу