Door to door


We provide a Port to Port or Door to Door Delivery Services for it’s Client’s. Our Door-to-Door International service is a fully inclusive door to door service is ranging from small parcels to volume of large containers either to/from almost any part of the world. "Pick up - delivery to the door", which is also called" (door-to-door) " — is the transportation of goods from the warehouse Shipper to the warehouse Consignee, with all related services. In most cases, this type of delivery is multimodal, so it is necessary to deliver the goods by ship, rail, aircraft, and to the warehouse - by road. The transport company assumes all the responsibilities for delivery: you have to deal with both customs and documents, and with the human factor. Thus, the client gets rid of the need to personally organize each stage of delivery, but he takes crisp notifications of every stage of his cargo. An additional advantage of door – to-door delivery is that the client pays only for one service - "door-to-door delivery" service, and not a set of small services, which will cost much more. Usually the customer gets the total amount of payment services, although, you can break them into separate paragraphs. Door-to-door delivery includes: 

* delivery the sender's goods to the port or airport; * loading of goods; * customs procedures and permits; * cargo dispatch; * cargo delivery to the consignee's warehouse; * preparation all necessary documents throughout the journey;
The advantage of this service is that it includes a full range of services, beginning from the packaging in the warehouse of the sender, the supply of transport, delivery to the place of receipt and ending with the insurance of Your cargo during transportation. It is enough only to make a request in our company, all the rest will be done by our logisticians and will agree with you.- individual solution for delivery, can provide you peace of mind.